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Just watch it. You won’t regret it.

I’m so glad that I didn’t get a 4.0 this last year. There are some people on this trip that are super stressed about getting an A that they are having a hard time having any fun. One of them didn’t go on a tour of Dublin with some of the rest of us because she wanted to take a few ~hours~ to study for a 10 point quiz


Anonymous asked:

in response to your "send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:" post: frezez & Squeesquee


We both do the shopping since it’s fun planning meals together.

Frezez kills the spiders while I try to save them and study them.

I most definitely come home drunk at 3am. Frezez doesn’t drink.

Frezez makes breakfast. I sleep till the crack of noon.

Frezez remembers to feed the pets. After I remind him.

I decorate the apartment with Frezez’s money!

I initiate duets since I’m the musician.

And Frezez falls asleep first. The bastard.

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